Sensory Cocoon
The sensory cocoon is a combination of several simple and effective technologies, which together offer you a very effective psycho-emotional therapy.

The cocoon room is equipped with a chair that will massage your whole body from head to toe and will warm it up thanks to the infrared massage heads. Moreover, you will be stimulated olfactorily thanks to the diffusion of essential oils adapted to your need for relaxation and serenity. You will be visually immersed in a room with colored and subdued light to ensure maximum relaxation. Finally, a technology of holophonic speakers producing a sound in 4 dimensions and with exceptional properties will allow you to benefit from energetic music therapy. This is a new holistic approach that is included in the brief therapies.It combines psychological, sonomesthetic (perception of sound), and energetic support to help the individual re-tune to his or her original vibratory frequency. During this sound therapy, it is the body itself and its self-healing potential that are activated; this potential (not recognized by classical medicine) exists at the level of each cell and is provided for in the laws of life. The liberation of the musical information field is expressed in the physical body to be integrated in an instantaneous way, and to liberate the person on all levels (physical, emotional, and psychological). The body then regains its power of self-healing by choosing the frequencies it needs to re-tune itself to its vibratory axis and thus reconnect to its being. 

Depending on the program used, you will be listening to either a hypnosis session, strongly relaxing music, or a Tibetan bowls concerto.

Cocoon therapy is very much concerned with the psychic sphere. This is why a follow-up with one of our psychologists, who is specialized in hypnotherapy, is proposed at the end of each cocoon session.

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